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Electronic Circuit Design Studio

  • Over 7000 analog and digital models
  • Includes CMOS and TTL devices etc.
  • 21 different analysis types
  • Virtual-instruments (including a 64-channel scope, multi meters, power meter etc)
  • Real-time interactive operation
  • Pause, single step, voltage level breakpoints.
  • Programmable workspaces
  • Extensive range of indicators which work during simulation including LED, 7 segment displays, light, and more, shown directly in schematic.
  • Voltages shown directly in schematic
  • Built in model editor
  • Symbol editor + device librarian
  • Graphical annotations directly on your plots
  • Change component values during simulation - see immediate results
  • BSIM3V3, BSIM4, SOI support
  • Math processor allows you to analyze your simulation results and plot your graphs almost anyway you want.
  • Mouse operated device during simulation - switches, keypad, pot, etc
  • Project browser

SpiceCreator is a popular 32-bit analog, digital, mixed signal circuit design and simulation program, sporting the SAME or more advanced features at a fraction of the cost of other simulator

Schematics and Simulation



Control PanelA completely integrated modern user interface circuit design envorionment, SpiceCreator allows you to quickly and easily capture your schematic designs, perform your simulation, and analyze the results using our powerful signal processor and waveform viewer. You can customize almost everything in the design environment, and easily search for, find, select, and categorize, from thousands of components. Our popular Control Panel allows you to quickly enter component parameters with a single click, and to design waveforms using our graphical signal generator waveform editor, before spending time doing a simulation.

Our new built in HTML based help engine even allows you to put web links directly in your schematic, allowing you to view web pages directly in the SpiceCreator environment. Great for illustration purposes, or for downloading models, and updates etc. Perfect for teachers and engineers who use intranet, or the web for communications.

Three powerful built-in simulators help you test your designs quickly. See results directly on the schematic and in real-time as the simulation progresses. Interact with the simulator even while it's running, to change circuit values to see immediate results, or plot the signals on different wires by simply pointing to a wire and clicking, all without missing a beat.

Leading edge event driven interactive digital simulation keeps you right on time with live scrolling timing diagrams, and allows you to set up breakpoints to trap glitches, watch for patterns with the built in logic analyzer functions (sequential breakpoints) which work like a real logic analyzer. Leds and Displays actually light up during the simulation, and operate the virtual keypad to make your schematic "come alive". These virtual devices work in all simulation modes, including analog and digital and mixed mode.

Powerful industry standard Spice3F5 plus XSpice mixed simulation engine offers the SAME or more advanced features at a fraction of the price of other simulators, including: MonteCarlo, Worst Case analysis, Pole, Zero, Transfer Function, Distortion, Fourier etc. Even supports the advanced BSIM3V3, BSIM4, and SOI (Silicon On Insulator) models for deep submicron simulation.

Virtual Instruments including Multimeter, Ohm Meter, Volt Meter, Current Meter, displays both real and complex numbers. Use the 64-channel real-time oscilloscope to see your circuit in action. Works like a real scope with rising and falling edge triggers, trigger levels, X/Y mode, scaling etc. Select any node or mathematical expression to be plotted during the simulation. It's easy to try several what if scenarios before settling on your final design.

Signal Processor allows you to analyze your simulation results, and view it in almost any way you can think of. Perform math operations such as find the phase, magniture, calculate the derivative, sin,cos, tan log, ln, evaluate complex math expressions using your simulation results. Graphical annotation allows you to mark up and make illustrations directly on your plot results, useful for generating reports.

Library Editor allows you to expand your libraries by modifying the existing libraries of thousands of components, or by adding your own, or creating sub-circuit modules to make a structured Hierarchical top down or bottom up design.

Model Editor allows you to create new models and macro models or edit existing ones. Model Import Wizard allows you to import any Spice3F5 XSpice model from any manufacturer, including those free models you can download from manufacturers web site.

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